4 Biggest Challenges When Onboarding Inbound Marketing Clients

So, you just won yourself a brand new client thanks to your fabulous pitch deck and rich marketing portfolio.

It’s time to pop the champagne bottle and celebrate, right?

Not exactly.

While you may have successfully convinced a client to buy from you, it doesn’t mean you’ve landed a long-term (and loyal) client. There is still a real possibility that the client will switch to another vendor in a few months.


Probably because you haven’t explained how your approach to inbound marketing works or explained its value.

And with marketing getting more and more complicated every year, you can imagine how the foundation for churn can be set so early.

This is why you need a stellar onboarding process to inform, educate and guide clients.

If done right, client onboarding will ensure that clients achieve their desired goal, which, in turn, makes them stick around.

In this post, I’ll look at some challenges you may face when onboarding inbound marketing clients and how you can overcome them.