9 Ways to Trigger Social Media Lead Generation in 2024

Social media lead generation is now a key component of the modern marketing armoury.

In this day and age, people are spending an average of 151 minutes a day on social media platforms. This means that businesses have a valuable opportunity to utilize these platforms to acquire new leads, guide them through the sales funnel, and ultimately convert them into actual sales.

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C business, social media is at its prime and is one of the best methods to generate leads.

But it goes beyond that.

Through social media, you can nurture your relations with prospects which leads to better connections and eventually conversions. Being active on these platforms also adds to your brand’s exposure.

With that in mind, here we have summarised nine moves that your brand can make to best leverage social media for lead generation.

Optimise your pages
Automate using a chatbot
Work on creating engaging content
Use the right influencers for marketing
Use social lead ads
Offer incentives
Make personalised offers
Give your page a human voice by going LIVE
Run contests