Tinyfilemanager-Wh1Z-Edition – Effortlessly Browse And Manage Your Files With Ease Using Tiny File Manager [WH1Z-Edition], A Compact Single-File PHP File Manager

Introducing Tiny File Manager [WH1Z-Edition], the compact and efficient solution for managing your files and folders with enhanced privacy and security features. Gone are the days of relying on external resources – I’ve stripped down the code to its core, making it truly lightweight and perfect for deployment in environments without internet access or outbound connections.

Designed for simplicity and speed, Tiny File Manager [WH1Z-Edition] retains all the essential functionalities you need for storing, uploading, editing, and managing your files directly from your web browser. With a single-file PHP setup, you can effortlessly drop it into any folder on your server and start organizing your files immediately.

What sets Tiny File Manager [WH1Z-Edition] apart is its focus on privacy and security. By removing the reliance on external domains for CSS and JS resources, your data stays localized and protected from potential vulnerabilities or leaks. This makes it an ideal choice for scenarios where data integrity and confidentiality are paramount, including RED TEAMING exercises or restricted server environments.

PHP 5.5.0 or higher. Fileinfo, iconv, zip, tar and mbstring extensions are strongly recommended.
How to use

Download ZIP with latest version from master branch.

Simply transfer the “tinyfilemanager-wh1z.php” file to your web hosting space – it’s as easy as that! Feel free to rename the file to whatever suits your needs best.

The default credentials are as follows: admin/WH1Z@1337 and user/WH1Z123.

:warning: Caution: Before use, it is imperative to establish your own username and password within the $auth_users variable. Passwords are encrypted using password_hash().

ℹ️ You can generate a new password hash accordingly: Login as Admin -> Click Admin -> Help -> Generate new password hash

:warning: Caution: Use the built-in password generator for your privacy and security. 😉

To enable/disable authentication set $use_auth to true or false.

:loudspeaker: Key Features
:cd: Open Source, lightweight, and incredibly user-friendly :iphone: Optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a seamless touch experience :information_source: Core functionalities including file creation, deletion, modification, viewing, downloading, copying, and moving :arrow_double_up: Efficient Ajax Upload functionality, supporting drag & drop, URL uploads, and multiple file uploads with file extension filtering :file_folder: Intuitive options for creating both folders and files :gift: Capability to compress and extract files (zip, tar) :sunglasses: Flexible user permissions system, based on session and user root folder mapping :floppy_disk: Easy copying of direct file URLs for streamlined sharing :pencil2: Integration with Cloud9 IDE, offering syntax highlighting for over 150+ languages and a selection of 35+ themes :page_facing_up: Seamless integration with Google/Microsoft doc viewer for previewing various file types such as PDF/DOC/XLS/PPT/etc. Files up to 25 MB can be previewed using the Google Drive viewer :zap: Backup functionality, IP blacklist/whitelist management, and more :mag_right: Powerful search capabilities using datatable js for efficient file filtering :file_folder: Ability to exclude specific folders and files from the listing :globe_with_meridians: Multi-language support (32+ languages) with a built-in translation feature, requiring no additional files :bangbang: And much more…
License, Credit
Available under the GNU license Original concept and development by github.com/prasathmani/tinyfilemanager CDN Used – jQuery, Bootstrap, Font Awesome, Highlight js, ace js, DropZone js, and DataTable js To report a bug or request a feature, please file an issue

Download Tinyfilemanager-Wh1Z-Edition